The Power of Asking for Help In Your Musical Journey

If there is one thing in life, especially in the world of music, that one should never take for granted, it is the transformative Power of Asking!

The Importance of Asking for Help

I personally learned this lesson the hard way. As a child and even into my college years, I was painfully shy and uncomfortable with asking for help. When I entered a Conservatory filled with musicians who had been honing their musical skills since childhood, I felt overwhelmed. A voice in my head kept telling me that I should already know all the musical intricacies they did.

I had forgotten that Conservatories exist for learning and growth, and I had placed an unrealistic burden of perfection and shame upon myself. It took inevitable failures and the wise words of a brilliant Theory Teacher to change my perspective: "Ask for help! Don't stay stuck because you are afraid to ask!"

Breaking Down the Barriers

Asking for help might not be rocket science, but hearing it from the right person can change your world. When you let go of ego, pride, fear, and past judgments, you open yourself up to success, genuine knowledge, and unshakable confidence.

While seeking advice on social media platforms can be helpful, there's nothing quite like in-person or virtual one-on-one instruction.

Asking for help could also mean considering voice lessons. If you've been singing on your own but feel stuck or unsatisfied with your progress, it might be time to seek the guidance of a voice teacher.

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Understanding the “Why”

Never be afraid to ask "why" you're doing specific vocal exercises, practicing certain songs, or experiencing particular results. The more you understand, the better you can tailor your approach to what works best for you.

However, in the process of asking "why," it's essential to remain respectful and open to learning new perspectives.

Exploring the “How”

Don't shy away from diving into how the voice works. You can embark on this journey by reading books like Cantabile by Kathrin Rundus or by taking a course on vocal pedagogy. Alternatively, you can watch instructional videos on platforms like YouTube. Regardless of your chosen resource, make sure it's credible and reputable.

Learning from Others

Ask other singers about their musical journeys, their training, their teachers, and their careers. This will provide valuable insights into what it takes to be successful in the music world. You don't have to replicate their path precisely, but you can gain an idea of the direction you do or don't want to pursue.

The Power of Asking for Help can propel your musical journey to new heights, unlocking your true potential as a musician.

Now, it's time to get out there and start asking!

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