The Songstress of Success

In my world, I play the roles of a Professional Singer, Voice Teacher, Entrepreneur, Mom, and Wife – a unique ensemble that constantly seeks balance, and that's what defines me as the Songstress of Success.

Before stepping into the realms of wifehood and motherhood, I navigated the path of an emerging artist. Undergraduate and graduate programs, auditions, multiple jobs – the quintessential journey of a "Starving Artist." Little did I know, this was the precursor to mastering the art of juggling roles.

Marriage and motherhood brought a new cadence to my life. The anxiety of balancing a singing career with motherhood hit hard. Eventually, I bid adieu to performance but embraced a new role as a voice teacher.

Teaching became a precious gift, allowing me to share the knowledge acquired during my academic pursuits. It was not just about imparting skills; it was about being accountable. If I was going to teach it, I had to embody it.

Teaching allowed me to encounter singers with various backgrounds, from praise music and musical theater to EDM and Rock! I fell in love with coaching singers to be better storytellers and to bring more of their authentic selves to the music. I had the opportunity to teach from my own home studio and as a staff member of a recording studio. And BEFORE it was a THING, I even taught virtually! Little did I know at the time how much Virtual Teaching would become a new norm!

Enter COVID-19 – an unwelcomed intermission. I continued to teach through the pandemic, but the desire to sing professionally and the realization of life's fragility burned within me.

Returning to the stage, now as a mother and teacher, brought a newfound confidence. Motherhood and the pandemic had become my teachers, shaping my understanding of life's true value.

Believing in unlimited dreams propelled me to invest in my education as a Musicpreneur. In 2023, I embarked on a new journey – this blog and my Music Apparel Company, Vocally Yours. A tribute not only to singers but to moms and women who wear multiple hats.

Unleashing creativity, I take pride in presenting Vocally Yours, an apparel line celebrating ALL singers, moms, and all-women. Explore the designs that resonate. Questions or suggestions? I'm all ears.

As these projects enter the stage, the next movement begins – Social Media. Stay tuned for the upcoming content!o

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