Focus Mode ON: Lesson’s From Life’s Playlist 🎶

Have you ever experienced those moments when a lesson you need to learn seems to echo through various aspects of your day? It's as if the universe conspires to convey a message that you're meant to hear. Recently, I found myself immersed in a day where the theme of focus and discipline played out in unexpected ways.

It all began with a book by Brian Tracy, "Eat That Frog!" In his insightful work, Tracy emphasizes the importance of starting and finishing important tasks by employing the 3 D's: Deciding, Discipline, and Determination. Little did I know that this mantra would reverberate through the rest of my day.

Later, as I tuned in to KJLH, radio host Tammi Mack shared a powerful message about individuality and the trap of comparing ourselves to others. She encouraged listeners to embrace their unique talents, advising against the perilous path of trying to emulate someone else's success. The key, she stressed, lies in developing the skills that make us individually gifted, steering clear of comparison and coveting.

As my day unfolded, I sought solace in one of my favorite podcasts, "The Intelligent Vocalist with John Henny," where the topic du jour was dealing with frustration. Henny echoed the sentiments of Tracy and Mack by emphasizing the significance of honing in on one's strengths and consistently practicing. He highlighted the transformative power of viewing failures or setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow—a chance to ask the crucial question, "Why?"

These synchronistic moments resonated deeply with me, as I recognized my tendency to spread myself too thin across various roles and pursuits. From being a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and auntie to juggling roles as a singer, voice teacher, blogger, substitute teacher, and entrepreneur, I realized the need to streamline my focus.

In a profound revelation, I understood that I needed a "come to Jesus" moment. I acknowledged that by dabbling in so many areas, I was diluting the attention my own voice required. While not abandoning my other passions entirely, I made a conscious decision to prioritize singing and being a mom. This shift allowed me to release the pressure and embrace a newfound sense of purpose.

I am challenging myself to vocalize for 15 consecutive days and write about it to prepare diligently for upcoming performances. The conviction that investing in my primary strengths will naturally inspire and elevate my other endeavors. This brings a profound sense of relief. It is the realization that, by focusing on what I do best, I could create a ripple effect, nurturing all aspects of my life.

So, I pose the question to you: What are your 1- 2 skills that, if given dedicated focus, could lead to a profound sense of completion and fulfillment? As I embark on this journey of intentional focus, I encourage you to explore the power of honing in on your unique gifts and allowing them to flourish in their own time.

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