Goodbye Resolutions, Hello Reflections!

As the New Year approaches, I'm making the decision – I am officially done making resolutions. 

Instead, I chose to embark on a journey of reflection, unraveling the lessons and possibilities the passing year held.

Desire: Manifesting Dreams into Reality

In the echo of September 2022, a simple declaration in front of my bathroom mirror changed everything: "I'm going to New York City in the Spring... I don't know how, but I'm going!" 

The power of DESIRE set into motion a series of events that led to a dream come true. In the spring of 2023, I found myself at Carnegie Hall, performing in a historic rendition of Samuel Coleridge Taylor's "Hiawatha Wedding Feast." The lesson? Think it, desire it, and follow it through.


Invest: Fueling Growth and Passion

In 2023, I invested in my career in profound ways. 

Seeking a renewed focus on my voice, I enrolled in lessons with the magnificent Soprano, Angela Brown ( sparking a rejuvenated excitement for singing! 

Joining John Henny's CVTA Community Mastermind Membership ( paved the way for teaching achievements I had long imagined.

This journey also introduced me to the vocal summit, "The Unstoppable Singer," where I connected with vocal entrepreneurs like Azania Noah (

Azania's coaching program, "Singer Elite Academy," became a game-changer. Focused on S.M.A.R.T. goals, social media strategy, and financial planning, it provided clarity. This investment allowed me to cut through the noise, launch a T-Shirt Design Shop (, and create the first Vocal Book for beginning singers.

Simplify: Finding Peace in Focus

The mentorship of Azania gifted me with the art of simplification. Distinguishing energizing goals from draining ones allowed me to declutter my mind. By focusing on 2-3 major goals for the next 6 to 12 months, and creating a detailed plan with deadlines, I found not just success but also precious time for myself and my family. The stress and pressure I had carried for so long lifted, and the path to organized success became clear.

Conclusion: A Year of Achievements and Lessons Learned

In retrospect, the journey through desire, investment, and simplification taught me invaluable lessons. Accomplishing so much and finding happiness in the process, I've come to realize that by following your desires, believing in them, investing wisely, simplifying your focus, and persisting on your terms, the possibilities are endless. As I eagerly look forward to 2024, I invite you to reflect on your own 2023 journey. Share your thoughts below if you resonate with my reflections or if you've found inspiration in this journey of self-discovery. Together, let's embrace the revelations that each passing year brings.


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