About Shelly

Shelly Edwards is a dedicated and passionate Professional Vocalist, whose musical journey has led her to captivating performances on renowned stages. She cherishes the opportunities to share her voice with audiences across prestigious organizations like LA Opera, Los Angeles Master Chorale, and Opera Pacific, striving to create heartfelt connections through her art.

Shelly's love for music guided her towards a Bachelor's degree in Music with a specialization in Vocal Performance and a Master of the Arts in Opera Performance. These experiences, along with the unwavering support of mentors and fellow artists, have shaped her into the performer she is today. 

Grateful for every opportunity, she had the privilege to be part of the West Coast Premiere of Omar, an American Opera, co-composed by Rhiannon Giddens and Michael Abels. Recently, she had the chance to perform Hiawatha's Wedding Feast at the esteemed Carnegie Hall and participate in the Game of Thrones LIVE Experience at the Hollywood Bowl.

Beyond the stage, Shelly's voice found its way into the film industry as a session singer for Creed III. 

For Shelly, the heart of performance lies in the profound joy she experiences while connecting with her audience. Recognizing the power of music to touch lives, she is humbled by the opportunity to create meaningful moments on stage, aiming to inspire and uplift every listener.

Alongside her performing endeavors, Shelly is deeply passionate about teaching voice. She believes in the power of sharing knowledge and fostering growth in others. She strives to guide her students, supporting them on their unique journeys to discover their voices and express their emotions through music.

Shelly's commitment to her students is born out of gratitude for the mentors who once guided her. She tailors her private vocal lessons to meet each student's needs and aspirations, empowering them to embrace their talents and build the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Shelly Edwards' musical journey has been one of dedication and heartfelt connection. She continues to seek opportunities to touch lives through her performances and teaching. Her dedication to music and her desire to inspire others reflect the true essence of an artist who believes that the joy of music is meant to be shared..