Vocal quality improvement is only part of the story with Shelly. Shelly has equipped our daughter with a level of confidence and empowerment that we could have only dreamed of for her.” - Robert Gillespie

singing lessons & vocal coaching


What to expect from lessons with shelly

  • In-person or Virtual lesson available on FaceTime and zoom 
  • Vocal exercises addressing: breath management, vocal agility, resonance, vowel purity, etc. 
  • healthy and relatable vocal technique 
  • song selection that fits where and who the students are 
  • Performance coaching 
  • audition guidance

Lesson Packages 

1. The Beginner's Booster Package: $360   
   - Four 60-minute lessons PERFECT for NEWCOMERS to singing.  
   - Focused on building a strong vocal foundation.  
   - Covers basics such as breathing techniques, pitch control, and vocal warm-ups.  
   - Includes personalized practice exercises and progress tracking.  

2. The Intermediate Intensive Package: $400  
   - Four 60-minute lessons designed to take your skills to the next level.   
   - Focusing on advanced techniques and repertoire.   
   - Covers topics like vocal range expansion, dynamics, and performance presence.   
   - Includes customized song selection and interpretation guidance.  

3. The Performance Powerhouse Package: $800  
   -  Eight 60-minute lessons Ideal for advanced singers 
   -  Prepare for auditions, gigs, or studio recordings.    
   -  Emphasis on stage presence and vocal stamina, and in-depth song analysis.
   - feedback for performance enhancement.